Target: Diamondgate

A Chapter of the Axial City Campaign Cycle

In the wake of a great war for the planes, the New City (which can be thought of as another take on Sigil) at the center of the Multiverse teems with life of all shapes and forms, and all the complications therein: Hope, Fear, Joy, Despair, Love, Hate, Generosity and Greed.

The Accordant, the police force of the New City, are ever-vigilant in their defense of the populace from threats such as invading armies, unthinkable monsters, and perhaps most significantly, the populace themselves.

Special Police Unit 36, created at the behest of the Faction Council, is comprised of police, military, university, and political representatives. Their mandate is to stem the massive amount of power that the Iron Ring slave trading organization has come to possess witihin this gargantuan metropolis. Easy enough in concept, but the New City is a Layer Cake of political, criminal, and social power structures composed of infinite shades of grey.

Target: DiamondGate

Rules: Pathfinder base, the game also serves as a testbed for whatever bizare houserules the Storyteller or players want to try out. Like exploding dice!
Setting: Very heavily modified Planescape
Rating: Awesome.
Emphasis: Game is largely story-driven, with regular combat. Character backgrounds are a key element of the core game plot.
Psionics: None
Firearms: Emerging Firearms
Starting Level: Original PC generation at level 6. New PCs will typically be one level or so behind group, though never lower than 6th level.
Starting Characters: Restricted and based on loose templates assigned by the Storyteller; players are given a baseline character concept that they are free to flesh out, though major alteration require Storyteller approval. Custom Character creation mechanics ensure developed character backgrounds.
Game Time: Usually Sundays at Noon, with a target of one game per month at an absolute minimum. There are occasional weeknight game sessions as well. Game sessions are almost always held at the Leaning Tower of Clifton or at the House of Becker.

Logistically, the campaign is run off of both Obsidian Portal and Google Docs.

Also, this game is awesome.