Target: DiamondGate

Episode: Hold The Line

Game Session 6

Episode: Hold The Line

Laszlo's Type 0 Blade

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Greg (Frances Faraday III)
Geoff (Vala Van Derek)
Dave (Glanthur Breakblade)
Collin (Carredyn Whipsawn)
Tom (Lord Vän Berial)

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Crater Springs Base

Notable Elements:

Red Mercury, Seraph Immaculate, Laszo, Magnus, Vance, Blue Knight, Ishmael Spear, Garnet Enfield, Montgomery Lynch

Enjoy your stay at Crater Springs

Flash Forward to AN AMBIGUOUS POINT IN THE FUTURE. SPU36, with their recent addition of Magnus Quicksilver, Cypher gunslinger and acolyte to Faraday, have traveled to the Esteemed’s Crater Springs base in the Outlands. It’s near the spire, and as in many such places, conjuration magic does not function here. The commanding officer at the base is Assistant Commander Ishmael Spear.

Along with their attached UPL R&D team, the group is here to do some testing with an R&D team based out of this facility, though that team will not arrive until the next day (3rd Hive). A dignitary from Arborea, Lady Garnet Enfield, is visiting the base, and is waiting to meet with a diplomatic contingent led by Hans Whipsawn. There are soldiers on base, but they’re mostly low-level recruits, the elite forces are involved in an extended sortie in Fortitude.

It’s coming right for us

Laszlo informs the unit that SPU36 is to participate in a mock defense exercise, though that never gets off the ground, as Seraph Immaculate forces are sighted in the area, and are marching on Crater Springs base. Unfortunately with the base running on what is essentially a skeleton crew, there isn’t much of the way in terms of forces to defend the base, and there are still non-combat recon units out in the field that have to be brought in to safety. Asst. Commander Spear & Lt. Laszlo discuss briefly, and it’s decided that out of necessity, SPU36 will command the low-ranking soldiers stationed at the base and try to hold back Seraph Immaculate forces long enough for the recon teams to return to the base. A distress call has gone out the only allied unit near enough to intervene, Which is the Howling Bravery, Captained by Montgomery Lynch. They’re on their way, but it’s not clear when they’ll arrive.

Crater Springs Base

Crater Springs Base

The team readies ammo, places soldiers, and lays fire traps for the approaching army. Several SI units approach the base’s 1st defensive line and are met by Carredyn’s men and some of Glanthur & Faraday’s bowmen. As the defenders gradually lose the advantage, Carredyn and his men retreat along the elevated walkway back to the 2nd defensive line, as Faraday, Magnus, and the bowmen cover their retreat in just enough time to blow the first of Vala’s firetraps, causing heavy casualties in the SI troops. The gatehouse is overrun by SI soldiers as another wave of troops enters, flanking the courtyard outside the base from both directions. Tougher, more specialized units, led by two rifle-wielding snipers and a monk appear and meet the defending forces directly in front of the Crater Springs base. The three unit leaders are protected by Damascus Steel armor, leading to Laszlo running into the base’s interior to activate the Nephilim Connector following approval from Asst. Commander Spear.

Devil Squad

The Devil Squad

Though the three are initially untouchable due to the sparkling damascus steel shields that surround them, Laszlo’s activation of SPU36’s Red Mercury weapons comes in just enough time to allow the team a chance to fight back. The recon units begin to arrive as Asst. Commander Spear gives the order to retreat to the third defensive line in side the first wall of the fortress; the main SI force is approaching, and it is massive. As all the members of SPU36 and the remaining men under them begin to pull back (Lord V goes the extra mile to rescue the soldiers trapped in the gatehouse),the Howling Bravery drops out of the clouds nearby, on a direct course to the base. The SI monk, with amazing speed, manages to dash through the defensive forces directly into the base’s R&D area, though Laszlo doesn’t miss a beat and immediately charges in after him.

“Totally Sweet Airships” for $300

Asst. Commander Spear announces that the base will have to be abandoned and the evacuation begins. The main SI force arrives, marching through the pass into the courtyard, and at their head is Vance Vincent, flanked by what appears to be an elite mercenary unit. The PCs are helping to corral the civilians at the top of the bases’s tower for airship extraction, when their weapons lose power. The SI monk escapes the base as quickly as he entered, retreating to the main SI force, and Laszlo, with Lady Enfield slung across his shoulder, is pushed out of the bases’s interior, in a desperate battle with the Blue Knight, (Who, it would later be revealed, gained access to the base’s interior through old underground mining tunnels) who is flanked by a team of what appear to be some ninjas. Carredyn and Faraday join the fight briefly, allowing Laszlo just enough time to thrust Lady Enfield into Carredyn’s arms and issue a final order: “run”.

The Howling Bravery

The Howling Bravery

Vance calls his forces to a stop at the gates of the fortress and watches the events high above the heads of his army.
Carredyn ascends the tower toward the airship, as the Blue Knight attempts repeatedly to intercept him and is shut down by Laszlo every time. Frances, in an effort to stop the Nephilim Connector still located inside the base, attempts to fight his way inside. Carredyn climbs the rope ladder to the airship above, and the Blue Knight leaps onto the ladder, and again, is followed quickly by Laszlo, who after a brief struggle, cuts the rope, and the Airship pulls away.

No dividend from time’s tomorrows

SPU36 can only watch from the Howling Bravery as the airship ascends into the clouds. Below, Seraph Immaculate forces pour into the military base, and Faraday is out of sight within the bowels of the installation, making a last-ditch bid to keep Accordant applied science out of the hands of the Seraph Immaculate. Laszlo is last seen locked in combat with the Blue Knight as enemy forces surround him at the top of the tower.

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