Target: DiamondGate

Episode: Flames of Disaster

Game Session 7

Episode: Flames of Disaster

Lady Drayon's burns to the ground

In-Game Date:

2nd Market – 2nd Clerk’s, Narciss, 1471 CE


Geoff (Vala Van Derek)
Dave (Glanthur Breakblade)
Collin (Carredyn Whipsawn)
Tom (Lord Vän Berial)

Previous Episode:

Hold The Line

Following Episode:



Clerk’s Ward, Lady Drayon’s Boarding House, City Barracks, Market Ward, Chinzpeter’s Used Clothing

Notable Elements:

Pantagh Zealotbane, Burning Building, Vance Vincent, Murders, Dr. Horace Rushforth, Factor Carver Redforce


It’s the evening of 2nd Market day of Narciss, some long amount of time before the Seraph Immaculate will assault and take over Crater Spring base in Episode: Hold The Line. In the wake of the Savior Drive Train Robbery in Steel Ark, SPU36 is due to face heavy interrogation because there are so many unanswered questions about that incident. In fact, Faraday was even briefly taken into custody, and though he’s been released, he hasn’t rejoined the unit. So that the team can make sure they have the same understanding of events as they transpired, Carredyn has gathered the rest of SPU36 (sans Laszlo) at The Scribe’s Rest Pub, located in the Hall of Speakers District of the Clerk’s Ward, safely away from any prying eyes.

It’s only moments after all parties agree that they’re all on the same page and prepared for the next day’s interrogations that a commotion outside draws their attention: Caddycorner to the pub, Lady Crayon’s Boarding House, known as an out-of-the-way mid-range whorehouse for those looking for discretion, is currently burning. A lot. Their beers unfinished, Carredyn throws a handful of silver pieces across the table as the group sprints for the burning building.


Inside Lady Drayon’s, the scene is essentially a conflagration, with people – both patrons and employees – trapped in different places all over the building. Carredyn and Lord V head up the central tower to rescue the civilians located there, as Vala and Glanthur head to the east wing, but before they can open the door, three mercenaries burst forth from the door across the room, and seeing the cleric and dwarf, charge them, saying “More Accordant hardheads! Get em!”. The Mercenaries begin to overpower the law-officers, but then Carredyn, charging down a set of steps from the top of the tower and leaping from a brings death from above with a battlecry, cleaving one of the attackers nearly in two and breaking the morale of the others.

Glanthur disappears from sight and hustles to the west wing and begins saving lives, while Vala does the same in the East, while Lord V and Carredyn fight through the mezzanine. It seems as though most of the trapped individuals have been saved, when through the final door, an Accordant officer is thrown by a hulking Orc mercenary. Vala heals the injured and burned as Lord V and Carredyn join the battle with the Accordant officer in attacking the mercenary. The Orc is a mountain of a man that will not fall, until suddenly from behind, a fire elemental approaches and immolates the mercenary where he stands. More mercenaries appear from a passageway and attack the fire elemental, which splits into two and thrashes the mercenaries. As it moves in for the kill, Vance Vincent appears from that same hallway, and channeling… something through his gauntlets, punches through the fire elementals, dissipating them instantly.

Vance escapes, what else is new

Though SPU36 makes a token effort to stop his escape, the situation is such that they are burned, injured, and half-unconscious from smoke inhalation, and despite a few spells from Glanthur, Vance and his mercenaries escape, saying something about an appointment. As SPU36 stumbles out of the burning wreckage, burdened with unconscious civilians on each shoulder or dragging them behind them, they are greeted with flashbulbs and questions as the New City press again gets their story of loca heroism. Master Sergeant Torus Anthony, as usual, is with the media, and deflects what attention he can away from the unit so they can be attended to by the Accordant medics, who are all over the scene. Medics? The unit looks around to see a full-scale Accordant lockdown of the block in progress, as a significant portion of the block is burning, and several groups of mercenaries are being read their rights and placed in manacles.

Sgt. Pantagh Zealotbane

Sgt. Pantagh Zealotbane


As the Goblin Fire Brigade hilariously (because that is the only way the Goblin Fire Brigade knows how to do anything – hilariously) puts out the fires, Carredyn notices Sergeant Pantagh Zealotbane, known brutalizer of suspects and burner of buildings, and Ogre Magi leader of SPU14, the ScourgeHold Irregulars, leaning against an autocarriage and smoking a cigar. Though clearly having been through a battle himself, he smirks when he sees Sgt. Whipsawn. Turning to look at the entire city block in flames behind him, Carredyn wonders how much of the city Pantagh is going to burn before they bring him up on arson charges.

Where Were You on the Night of 2nd Lady’s Day

The very next day, Lt. Nexus of Accordant Internal Affairs spends a few hours of quality time with each member of SPU36, grilling them for anything and everything they know about the Savior Drive, the Wave Leader Cannon, each other, the drug Daylight, and anything else related, and absolutely wearing them down in the process. No one is completely sure what information Nexus has gotten out of who, but he seems satisfied at the end of the day. Exhausted, the members of SPU36 are given only one night of rest before being expected to be back on the job the very next day.

Two dead men

Crime Scene

The Quick and the Dead

2nd Clerk’s Day bright and early at SPU36 Unit HQ on Berk’s Lane in the Lower Ward. Just another day on the force, which is to say, before the team even gets their intelligence briefing that AM, the Hat contacts Laszlo, and the team is quickly on their way to the Market Ward via the New City train system. Arriving at Chinzpeter’s Used CLothing just two blocks or so off of Duskgate road, SPU36 is greeted with a particularly bizarre scene. On the top of the building, two dead men are laid out next to each other, fully clothed and with all of their possessions, and the cause of their deaths is clear: Their throats have been neatly slit with a very, very sharp knife. There’s little blood and the evidence points to the bodies being placed here after the men were slain. The first man is Dr. Horace Rushforth, an engineer known for his work on the WLC and a distant colleague of Glanthur, while the second man is Fated Factor Carver Redforce of the Fated, and patriarch of the prestigious Ysgard Redforce family.

After a quick review of their possessions, Redforce is found to have a coded note that says “Meeting Dr. Dream – 12 factols – 7pm – 2nd Clerk’s”. SPU36 hustles away from the murder scene to avoid the hoo-hah that will accompany the Accordant rank-and-file investigation, and plans their next move. The Hat advises that they had been tracking Carver Redforce’s movements because he had been seen meeting with Vance Vincent. Close curtain as SPU36 debates the merits of setting up a sting operation on this meeting-that-was-supposed-to-happen, and discusses why these men were killed.

Next time

  • Who did the bustin’?
  • Perhaps a meeting with the elusive Dr. Dream
  • Probably a funeral


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