Target: DiamondGate

Episode: The Sting

Game Session 8

Episode: The Sting

Two dead men

In-Game Date:

2nd Clerk’s, Narciss, 1471 CE


Geoff (Vala Van Derek)
Dave (Glanthur Breakblade)
Collin (Carredyn Whipsawn)
Tom (Lord Vän Berial)
Greg (Frances Faraday III)
Aaron (WTF?!) (Duncan Kasper)

Previous Episode:

Flames of Disaster

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Market Ward, Chinzpeter’s Used Clothing, Lady’s Ward, 12 Factols

Notable Elements:

Dr. Horace Rushforth, Factor Carver Redforce, Victorians, Dr. Harcourt Ravenswing, Demetri Snowblind

Things to do in the Market Ward when you’re Dead

SPU36 completes their investigation of the double homicide of Carver Redforce and Dr. Horace Rushforth at the Chinzpeter’s Used Clothing Store in Market Ward. Chinzpeter, the Halfling owner is questioned, but has no useful intel, and Glanthur’s wide-area thought-scan produced no relevant results. A hidden note is discovered on the corpse of Carver Redforce, about his pre-death arranged clandestine meeting with a certain “Dr. Dream”. Speak With Dead is performed on both bodies by official police teams, but the results are immediately avaialble to SPU36. Method of killing is found from Dr. Rushforth, which leads Glanthur to the hypothesis that a vibrating weapon was used.

Glanthur and Carredyn take leave to follow a lead involving Dr. Rushforth at a shipping company.

Laszlo comes through with requested requisitions from Accordant armory.

  • A pair of Listening Coins to be used for bugging,
  • Merciful Bullets for Faraday
  • Spell batteries (like scrolls but powered by an electrical charge)

Rhyming and Stealing

A sting is planned. The time before is used to gather materials, some members gather intel on Redforce for Lord V to make a convincing presentation as the deceased. Lord V spends the day costuming himself, Carredyn, and Vala, who are disguised as Redforce & two bodyguards. Lord V’s disguise is ingenious, utilizing multiple layers of obfuscation to magically make Redforce appear as though he is well, but with physical disguise he makes the body look pale and allow a false slit of the throat to show through the seeming, thus appearing as though he had just been raised from the dead. This does not appear to have been noted by any of the targets in the operation, but it is still totally bad ass.

The Victorians

The Victorians

Sting Operation Phase 1: Gunfighter takes ‘listening coin’ and sets up in building across the street from the 12 Factols, where Redforce had a 7pm meeting arranged with Dr. Dream. Lord V keeps remaining ‘speaking coin’ on person for both security and in hopes of planting on a viable target. Glanthur takes position inside the bar near the stage at the main bar area, he is joined by SPU36 Unit B’s leader, Duncan Kasper.
“Redforce” and his associates (Lord V, Carredyn, Vala) take positions at a large table next to the wall after “encouraging” its previous occupants to find a different area. They play their parts well, Lord V is a total pompous ass, ensuring his likeness to Redforce, yelling for drinks and being a d-bag.

Enter: The Double-Smoker

Sting Operation Phase 2: The Victorians, also known as The Double Smoker and Titties McUmbrella arrive late to the 7pm meeting, thus infuriating “Redforce”. The Double Smoker attempts to talk through the details of an ambiguous deal with Redforce, but Lord V, playing his part, will have nothing to do with talking with an underling, and “Redforce’s” ire only increases. Valiant efforts to extract pertinent information from the Double Smoker are ultimately not fruitful, as he either doesn’t know enough of the plans or just doesn’t budge. This back and forth continues for probably 30 minutes and a concern arises that Dr. Dream may not appear. Lord V tries to plant the bug on the Double Smoker, but fails. Fortunately a sudden and inexplicable commotion distracts everyone in the pub as an entire shelf of liquor bottle crashes to the floor, as the staff rushes to clean it up. Idle conversation continues, with both Victorians discussing vague financial market conditions with Redforce and his bodyguards.

Lord Vän Berial

Lord Vän Berial

Sting Operation Phase 3: The group relocates to a lower level as Titties McUmbrella announces that Snowblind (aka Dr. Dream) will arrive shortly. Snowblind enters from the sub-levels beneath the building, flanked by two monstrous men – possibly overly-muscled half-ogres? Strangely large men? with masked faces and wearing leather armor of straps and metal plates, gimp-style. Snowblind sits and attempts to talks specifc business with Redforce. However, Lord V is not able to have a very meaningful conversation with Snowblind, lacking appropriate details of what transaction was supposed to occur. Lord V’s one great victory is that he is able, through leading the conversation, to reveal that the Double Smoker is known as Dr. Harcourt M. Ravenswing, a lead that SPU36 has been chasing since their first week on the job.

While the Gettin’s Good

Sensing that the window of opportunity to exit without conflict is closing, Lord V as Redforce makes a show of losing his patience, and stands as if to exit, proclaiming that he has altered their deal. Snowblind is not to be dissuaded however, and grabs the Detective’s arm. Though Lord V is shaken by the strength of the man’s cool-to-the-touch grip, he keeps his composure and plays Redforce as understandably offended, and the tension in the room is palpable. As the other members of the unit casually rest their hands on their weapons, the scene fades out, to be continued.

Dr.Demetri Snowblind

Dr. Demetri Snowblind

Next Time:

  • Snowblind’s Lament
  • Remember how a dude was murdered?
  • Remember that time we were trying to stop the Iron Ring?


Investigation (AKA Investi*a*gation) Updates

Due to Dr. Rushforth’s connection to Glanthur and Factor Redforce’s link to Vance Vincent and thus the Iron Ring, Laszlo has pulled the appropriate strings to get you access to the official SWD results on the bodies. This is a little bit of a big deal since Internal Affairs has locked down the investigation and classified the case, due to the high profile nature of Carver Redforce’s murder, and some important names coming up in the SWD.

SWD: Fated Factor Carver Redforce

Who is the person most likely responsible for your death?
Ira Tanicus. If anyone was going to have me killed to get me out of their way, it’s him.

Why do you believe they would have killed you?
We have opposing interests in controlling the Wave Leader Cannon, and he’s a son of a fiend. Sod the sodding Esteemed. Buncha Addle-cove Leatherheads.

What others do you believe might be responsible for your death?
How about anyone else looking to buy in to the Wave Leader Cannon.

What activites/people were you involved in or connected to that might have led to your death?
When you’re a successful cutter like I was, people hate you for the breakfast you eat. Or hate you for the unstoppable war weapon you’re making a bid to control. Whatever.

Describe any significant elements of your death.
It was the night of 2nd Guild and I had just met with a courier to arrange a meet. I was walking through the Lady’s Ward, and there was a cutting sensation on my neck. Then I died.

Describe any illegal activities you were involved in or party to.
I’m sure there were plenty of illegal dealings at the lower levels of my business interests, but I had better things to do than worry about laws or breaking them; none of them apply to the wealthy anyway.

What others are in any danger from your killer?
I don’t know. Other successful businessmen.

SWD: Dr. Horace Rushforth

Who is the person most likely responsible for your death?
I really haven’t a clue.

Why do you believe they would have killed you?
My work I suppose. The only high profile work I did was during the war. My work with Glanthur, on the Cannon, for example.

What others do you believe might be responsible for your death?
Oh I really don’t have any rivals. Not even any enemies – I have no idea.

What activites/people were you involved in or connected to that might have led to your death?
My work in the last several years has been theoretical. I was coming to the New City to speak at an Applied Science conference and see my friend Glanthur.

Describe any significant elements of your death.
I had just arrived in Sigil in the Market ward. It was evening, and my papers had been cleared. I was on my way to find a message service to let my friend in Tradegate know that I had arrived, and then I recall my throat being cut. I remember being amazed by the sharpness of the blade, it almost seemed to buzz.

Describe any illegal activities you were involved in or party to.
Oh goodness me, there was nothing of the sort.

What others are in any danger from your killer?
I suppose other men of learning could be in danger. Please tell everyone at the University to be careful!


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