Target: DiamondGate

Episode: Stung

Game Session 9

Episode: Stung

12 Factols

In-Game Date:

2nd Clerk’s, Narciss, 1471 CE


Geoff (Vala Van Derek)
Dave (Glanthur Breakblade)
Collin (Carredyn Whipsawn)
Tom (Lord Vän Berial)
Ben (Azgard Bedlum)
Greg (Frances Faraday III)

Previous Episode:

The Sting

Following Episode:

Celestial Gambit


12 Factols

Notable Elements:

Victorians, Dr. Harcourt Ravenswing, Demetri Snowblind, Coyote, Torus, Laszlo, Crimson Wrath

When last we left our heroes

Open curtain on the last scene from the end of Episode: The Sting. Snowblind and Lord V, masquerading as the deceased Factor Carver Redforce have come to something of an impasse, as the disguised detective has sensed the end of his window of negotiation and makes as if to leave, and Dr. Snowblind has gently-but-firmly grabbed the half-elf’s arm.

There is a mutually agreed-upon resumption of talks about the deal that Redforce and Snowblind had arranged, which moves along awkwardly – as Lord V still really has no idea what this deal entails – until a commotion from the other room causes Snowblind to look around with suspicion. He touches his hand to his ear, says “I see” and then crosses his arms over his chest, and begins gathering magic energy into his hands. The Victorians both dive to opposite sides, away from Snowblind, and the undercover members of SPU36 step back away from the Iron Ring commander as he unleashes a withering burst of energy, raising a shield of force energy around himself.

Snowblind’s overly large humanoid guards attack as combat begins.

Showdown at the 12 Factols Inn and Pub

A chaotic fight ensues, involving all of SPU36, Snowblind, his guards, and the Victorians. The level of chaos does not decrease any when, from a side hallway, Vance Vincent, Iron Ring Lieutenant, knocks Esteemed engineer Torus Anthony across the room and yells to Snowblind that “I told you this was a setup”. The furious and brutal battle between Torus and Vance continues as Lord V faces off against the the female Victorian “Mrs. McUmbrella”, Glanthur goes invisible and takes potshots from out of the way, and Carredyn and Faraday square off against Snowblind’s guard-gimps. New SPU36 recruit Azgard Bedlum makes his was through the massive battle between Esteemed troops and Iron Ring mercenaries taking place in the next room over, and targets the elusive “Double Smoker”, H.M. Ravenswing, who proceeds to unleash a chain lightning spell battery on the group, earning their immediate ire.



The depth of the Iron Ring setup becomes apparent when, hot on the trail of a team of Crimson Wrath ninja, Lt. Laszlo, storms out of the entrance to the tunnels below, followed by a unit of Accordant. Though the already-fleeing ninja attempt an escape, it is unlikely that many are successful after an Overload blast from Laszlo’s Double Phantom Vulcan Cannon.

Old Soldiers

The fight takes a turn for the bizarre when a masked sword wielding figure enters the room from the hallway leading to the battle in the other room, moving in a very unnatural fashion, walking with an artificial, spidery gait. It faces off against the group of Esteemed intent on it’s capture, and with one leap, it lashes out with it’s blade, leaving an arc of red lightning, and slaying every soldier surrounding it. Laszlo, Torus, and Carredyn stop dead in their tracks, mouths agape. Snowblind seems pleased enough with this, and announces “Coyote. Come, we leave.” and makes his exit, walking down into the tunnels below, as SPU36 is powerless to stop him. The spidery-moving figure follows him in a creepy fashion, and the Victorians teleport away, with Ravenswing being injured fairly seriously prior to their exit, leaving only Vance behind, who is facing off with Azgard & Lord V. Azgard gets a deep hit on Vance, wounding him badly, and as he disappears, Lord V grabs him – and ends up disappearing right along with Vance.

Vance Vincent

Vance Vincent

Its called a jump to conclusions mat

In the aftermath, Glanthur’s trademark short-tempered irritation is finally assuaged to the point where he and Faraday will listen to Laszlo and Torus’ explanation of the day’s events and how they came to end up at the 12 Factols, cutting off an Iron Ring booby trap that would have almost certainly snared the group.

The Hat’s men, earlier in the day, had intercepted mercenaries Carver Redforce had hired, and had detained and interrogated them, learning about the planned boobytrap at the 12 Factols for Factor Redforce – a boobytrap the SPU36 had unknowingly walked right into.


Laszlo, Torus, and Carredyn are all nearly silent and mortified; the technique used by “Coyote” – the (in some circles, legendary) Breaking Dawn Divider is the trademark of it’s sole user – their mentor, Blademaster Solomon Dirgefalcon, commander of the Steel Dynamo Company and hero of Eagle Bridge. Dirgefalcon was lost in battle at Eagle bridge over four years prior. The three normally unshakable Officers are visibly disturbed; Vala remarks that it as if the men have seen a ghost. Carredyn replies “Not a ghost. Worse.”

Torus Anthony

Torus Anthony

Soon after, Lord V, beaten badly – though clearly not killed – by Vance, returns to the group with news: He was able to glean some information from gathering some intelligence on Vance’s actions, and it appears that there are Iron Ring-related (!?) happenings the next night. The group begins to make plans to intercept some sort of operation in the Hive. Fade to black.

Next Time:

  • Investigations into the Daylight Trade
  • A field trip to the Hive
  • A car chase (!?)


None for this game, it was a just a big fight, what do you want?


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