Carredyn Whipsawn

A tall, scarred veteran, who works tirelessly with sword and word, to improve the city he loves.


Tall, tanned, scarred and armored, Carredyn walks the streets of New City with an aura of authority tinged with menace. Badge always prominently displayed, and armed an armored more than your average police man, Carredyn stands out in any crowd. With both the Accordant and the Esteemed symbols displayed upon his armor, he shows himself as both a man of law, and a veteran of the Great War.


Carredyn Whipsawn

Carredyn Whipsawn



Primary Affiliation:

Accordant (SPU36)


Lieutenant 1st Class


Police Officer/Unit Leader

Secondary Affiliation:

Esteemed (former)



“This City is corrupt to the core. Drugs, slavery, prostitution, gangs, violence, the whole lot. But even with that, I can’t imagine anyplace I would rather be.”


Carredyn comes from a long military tradition. Look through the annals of the Esteemed, and you shall see the same Whipsawn appear over and over in places of leadership. After Graduating from the Esteemed military academy: Lamina Lustitia: he served two tours of duty during the Great War. After cessation of hostilities, Carredyn volunteered to join the Accordant, and was commissioned as a lieutenant. Soon promoted and placed into SP36.

Personality and Traits

With connections throughout the noble houses, the military and in diverse other areas, Carredyn could have been well placed in a bureaucratic position within the City or the Esteemed. His war torn appearance, his recurrent issue with superior officers, and a desire to improve live within the city, have lead him instead to the Accordant. Gruff, sarcastic, and prone to grumbling under his breath about any and everything that inconveniences him, he is a consummate swordsman, whose skill has saved both his, and many others lives, from his time in the military to the present in the police force.

Notable Moments

  • During an encounter underneath the streets of New City, Carredyn’s unit encountered some form of mutated Abashi. Carredyn, with healing assistance from his comrades, was able to occupy the creature’s attention long enough for the rest of the unit to put it down.


  • An honored war veteran, Carredyn has been decorated for valor, and gallantry in action, and is a member of the Order of the Jade Phoenix, which is for members of the Esteemed who have been wounded in action, and then return to military service.



  • SPU36
  • Various connections throughout the Accordant and Esteemed.
  • An old friend of the Anthony family, as well as Ingram Laszlo.
  • Trains under Accordant Captain Gentleman Colburn



  • Ran Whipsawn, Carredyn’s youngest brother (adopted, as he’s quick to point out) has run afoul of SPU36 recently
  • Faction alliance
    • Primary Esteemed
    • Secondary Accordant
  • Common Hangouts
    • Tonom Appartments
    • Inpoth’s Grill
    • Headquarters

Carredyn Whipsawn

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