Frances Faraday III

A well-connected minor noble who wields black powder and potions in deadly combination.


(Doctor) Faraday is a minor noble in New City who seems to have connections in every neighborhood and walk of life. He’s active in the political machine that governs the city, and is a formidable opponent in combat.


Frances Faraday III

Frances Faraday III



Primary Affiliation:

Dustmen (SPU36)


Staff Sergeant 2nd Class



Secondary Affiliation:

Faction Council/Accordant



“Come at me you fiend!”
-Frances Faraday After Transformation


Although a minor noble, Faraday still paid his dues during the Great War, serving in some of the most dangerous battles as a combat medic. During this time, Faraday seized opportunities to learn from master alchemists, temple surgeons, and dwarven artificers.

Once the war ended, Faraday joined the Dustmen and continued to cultivate his scientific interests while using the connections he gained during the war to obtain both personal and faction favor.

Personality and Traits

As a well-connected, well-informed minor noble, Faraday would not be described as outgoing. Although he seems to be able to turn on the charm when necessary, the key word is “necessary”, since he guards his personality and only appears to open up when on a task, or attempting to obtain information. Still, Faraday is an indispensable ally, and when he draws his trademark multi-chamber pistols, he is a terrifying foe.

Notable Moments

  • Frances exploded a keg of black powder during Episode: Fortress in The Pit, collapsing a bridge onto an approaching pack of Yeth Hounds. He then immediately lassoed onto an adjacent bridge and single-handedly held off a pack of zombies until his companions joined him.


  • An extremely accomplished pistolier, Faraday is also able to enhance his fighting techniques with alchemical potions and injections
  • Faraday maintains a Dustmen-supported free clinic somewhere between the Hive and the Lower Ward.
  • During the Great War, Faraday may have been present for one of the origin points of the manufactured disease/poison the Shrieking Twist.



  • SPU36
  • His ward, [[:Magnus Quicksilver]]
  • Faraday seems to have connections in high society and low
  • Faraday seems to have connections in the Temple and University districts


  • None known


  • Faction Council – Faraday is the official Faction Council representative on SPU36.

Frances Faraday III

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