Lord Vän Berial

Consulting Dick of All Trades


*The new member of SPU36, Detective Berial, is also a R&D attache for UPL.
*He is a badarse.


Lord Vän Berial P.I.

Lord Vän Berial P.I.



Primary Affiliation:

Accordant (SPU36)


Consulting Detective 1st Class


Elven Noble, Detective, Jack of All Trades, R&D Liason

Secondary Affiliations:

UPL Geartooth Industries



“Our quarry has taken to wing… The chase begins!”


School stuff!

Van admitted into The Prestigious Carod-Mixon School for Youthful Inquiry at a very young age and was personally trained by the Leathertounge Mixon, Master of the Whip.
He did his best to be expelled from Carod-Mixon but his charisma, spirit, and academic skill proved to merely entertain his “authority figures”.
Much was expected of Van upon his entry to University, but his passion for finding trouble was not as appreciated in these more formal halls. His expulsion is still whispered about in hushed tones by some but his records have been sealed or expunged or possibly sealed, expunged, exorcised and then burned before proper disintegration (just to be sure).

Detective stuff!
After leaving the University his whereabouts are unknown until a sudden reemergence and his family sponsored his membership into the Accordant. His unique skills here were again lauded and he quickly moved into the position of Detective 1st Class after numerous decorations.

Applied Sciences stuff!
Lord Berial’s interests seem to be too great at time, which may explain his moonlighting position as a Research Attache for UPL. This invariably caused Van to force himself back into the very Universality which worked so hard to remove him. It is assumed he finds this hilarious. It is unknown if he planned this, though it is highly likely.

Personality and Traits

Astonishingly intelligent and charismatic yet possessing fey moods. He is seemingly driven by a sense that the challenges he faces in life are games which he intends to win. The Detective has methods and manners which can seem unorganized, yet he can been seen snapping into various roles as if they were his true personality all along.

Notable Moments

  • Record numbers of successful arrests though multiple and sometimes mysteriously non-violent means, which have helped to rapidly advance his standing on the force.
  • Took out a large crowd of hostile combatants though non-lethal means in The Case of the Steel Ark.
  • Saved the lives of multiple Accordant troops after a training sortie at the Crater Springs Base for UPL operations was invaded by Seraph Immaculate forces. Lost one member of his scout squadron to overwhelming forces.


  • An accomplished whip-kracker, Vän has trained in whip-yo-azz fighting techniques
  • Vän’s skill in disguise is known to those he has worked with. This counts for few persons throughout his career as his new assignment to the SPU36 marks his first true group-based enforcement work.
  • Lord Vän is fond of working on strange theories and experiments at his private residence.
  • Vän is never far from his trademark pipe which he often smokes while cognating over clues or before/during/after a strenuous battle.
  • Seriously, dude has like never killed anyone. Ever. I mean, he’ll choke and or blind a douche…



  • Has past associations with UPL’s direct sponsor, Azgard Bedlum
  • Lord Berial has friends in many places, it is assumed both in high society and low.
  • Your Mom works closely with Lord V on a regular basis


  • None Disclosed


  • [[:Angelika Levy]] – Lord Vän is seemingly familiar enough with Ambassador Levy’s eccentricities to navigate her rancor.

Lord Vän Berial

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