Magnus Quicksilver

A young, hotheaded impetuous gunslinger & daredevil


Magnus is a ward of Frances Faraday III and similarly in the employ of the Faction Council. The commonalities appear to end there however, as Magnus is hotheaded, brash, and prone to action before thought.


Magnus Quicksilver

Magnus Quicksilver



Primary Affiliation:

Transcendent Order (SPU36)


Staff Sergeant 3rd Class



Secondary Affiliation:

Faction Council/Accordant


Look at that hat! NPC

" I don’t even think about losing. If it ever happens to me, I won’t notice. I’ll be too busy looking gooood."Magnus to Faraday


Magnus is a Cypher with some connections in the Temple District. He’s a member in good standing of the New City Free-Running club for five years running. Assigned to SPU36 as a ward to Frances Faraday III. Unlike the rest of the group, he was too young for military service during the Great War.

Personality and Traits

It’s easy to dismiss Magnus as a overblown braggart. Which might be true, but those who dismiss him make the incredibly dangerous mistake of ignoring his skill with the pistol, which is second to none. An amazing acrobat with a penchant for showing off, Magnus would rather fail with style than succeed in mundane fashion.

He’s not quite as rebellious as his demeanor leads other to believe, and has a good ear for the words of his superiors – especially Faraday.

Notable Moments

  • Fought with SPU36 in the defense of Crater Spring base in the Outlands.


  • Magnus’ talent with firearms may be second only to his skills in acrobatics.
  • Those who’ve spent some time with Magnus learn that some of his boisterousness is something of a show. But certainly not all of it.
  • Cross-Planar Gentleman’s Firearms Club Trick Shot Competition, 1st place, 1470 C.E.
  • New City Black Powder Association Pistolier’s Cup, Mobile Marksmanship, 2nd place, 1470 C.E.
  • New City Black Powder Association Pistolier’s Cup, Mobile Marksmanship, 3rd place, 1469 C.E.



  • A long-time associate of Faraday
  • SPU36


  • None known


  • Faction Council – Magnus is an official Faction Council representative on SPU36.

Magnus Quicksilver

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