The Hat

Accordant Intelligence Officer, always seems to have a lead or know someone who knows someone.


The Hat is the intelligence contact for SPU36. A collaborator with Laszlo, he is something of an enigma. It’s said that he never fails to know someone and something – if not everyone and everything. So far, that statement seems pretty accurate.


The Hat

The Hat



Primary Affiliation:

Accordant (SPU36)


Senior Inspector 2nd Class


Intelligence Officer

Secondary Affiliation:



Just look at that gangster headpiece NPC

“The contact in the Central District will meet you a block down from the butcher, behind the tannery. Make sure you remain hidden, many Bariaur died to bring us this information.”


The Hat routinely appears out of the shadows. Since no one really seems to know anything about him, it’s assumed that he was neither born nor summoned, but rather just emerged from the shadows one day. …Or so Vala jokes.

Personality and Traits

Soft of speech and of step, the Hat is always delivering one piece of information and then is off chasing another. The detectives serving under him tend to be extremely specialized, and especially efficient.

Notable Moments

  • Appears from the shadows pretty much every time he has encountered SPU36.
  • Responsible for engineering the massive Iron Ring bust in Episode 3.


  • An enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a riddle!
  • He is called “The Hat” because he always wears a hat.
  • It’s said that no one has ever seen his desk, but wherever it is, he has a name plate on his desk. And it simply says “The Hat”. …or so they say.



  • Ingram Laszlo, whom he works with regularly
  • SPU36
  • The Accordant, specifically the men serving under him.


  • None known


  • ?

The Hat

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