Torus Anthony

Widely-loved war hero and genius engineer of the Esteemed responsible for the Crystal City.


Human. Media darling, hero, pretty boy. Torus leads the Draftsmen, The elite of the elite Esteemed Engineering Corps. With a special headquarters in the Crystal City – the monument to the war’s end that they themselves built – The Draftsmen are the Seal Team 6 of Sigil – everyone loves Torus & his men.


Torus Anthony

Torus Anthony



Primary Affiliation:

Esteemed (Draftsmen)


Lieutenant 2nd Class


Paladin, Unit Commander

Secondary Affiliation:

Church of St. Cuthbert


Look at that hat! NPC

“Science discovers, genius invents, industry applies, and man adapts himself to, or is molded by, new things”


Though he spent his formative years in his older brother’s shadow, he has since come into his own. Torus fought in the war – like so many others – but because of his background in applied science, was selected to lead an engineering unit – the same unit which today is known as the Draftsmen, and includes some of the greatest minds in the New City.

Personality and Traits

Charismatic, if a little too enthusiastic at times, Torus has a heart of gold. He’s one of the most public faces of the Esteemed, and is credited throughout the planes with the construction of the Crystal City. His earnestness and genuine nature never quite cross the line into naivety, and the depths of his intelligence stand in stark contrast to his approachable, friendly demeanor.

Notable Moments

  • Came to the aid of SPU36 at the end of Episode: Fortress in the Pit when he and the Draftsmen broke through the ceiling of the cavern, extracted the unit, and talked down Snowblind and Vance.


  • Torus is well-connected in the ranks of the Esteemed as well as within the media of the New City, to whom he often serves as a liason.
  • Torus’ older brother Helix was a member of the renowned Steel Dynamo company during the Great War.
  • Originally trained by Helix in combat arts.





Torus Anthony

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