Vance Vincent

Top Iron Ring Lieutenant, Seraph Immaculate ally, and regular thorn in the side of SPU36


Barrel-chested, gruff, articulate, well-dressed, deadly, and intimidatingly intelligent. Vance is both unstoppable force and immovable object. Given the nickname “Wolverine” by SPU36, Vance is the ranking Iron Ring Lieutenant in the New City.


Vance Vincent

Vance Vincent



Primary Affiliation:

Lieutenant(?), Iron Ring


Wolverine, Neckerchief


Slave Ring Commander

Secondary Affiliation:

The Seraph Immaculate


You know it, baby. (NPC)

“So let’s review. Eight slave caravans through portals, five separate kidnappings, two jailbreaks, one informant disappeared, three officers tied up and delivered to the front door of the barracks, and not one tout or business owner in the entire Market Ward is willing to talk, about anything even distantly related, for any reason. And that’s just this week.”
Assistant Commander Ryuga Wildman

“That’s correct, sir”
Lt. Laszlo

“Movement of this nature doesn’t happen overnight; the Iron Ring has to be pushing a massive ground effort. What intelligence do we have on their troop numbers. A few hundred people across all the wards? "
Assistant Commander Ryuga Wildman

“Sir, all the intelligence for the past month plus points to the report that the Senior Inspector and I filed. We’re not dealing with a massive force. We’re dealing with Vance Vincent and a handful of planar paid muscle – five men at most – likely from Tradegate”
Lt. Laszlo

“We’e got plenty of numbers that show the scenarios you presented are extremely unlikely, Lieutenant.”
Assistant Commander Ryuga Wildman

“With all due respect, sir, Vance is clearly unconcerned with what we consider likely.”
Lt. Laszlo


Coming from a past that includes military service and elite ops, Vance has long been a driving force in the Iron Ring. He’s been known as Snowblind’s right hand man for some time. SPU36 has encountered Vance more than once or twice. – at the top of the Pit, in a burning building in the Market Ward, and in the Outlands leading a massive force of Seraph Immaculate.

Personality and Traits

Vance is assumed to be responsible for much of the Iron Ring activity in the New City. Vance is direct and to the point, with the logical mind that one would attribute to a military genius – he was a solider of some renown during the Great War. He’s ruthless, intimidating, cunning, and overpowers others easily – and according to the Accordant files, he always orders steaks medium-well.

Notable Moments

  • SPU36 first encountered Vance and the top of the Pit, where he and Snowblind saved the Blue Knight by electrocuting a semi-autonomous clockwork flesh golem that was brutalizing the ninja-like swordsman.
  • Encountered again during the evacuation of Lady Drayon’s Boarding House, he dispatched a fire elemental with nothing but his fists, and escaped with a gang of his mercenaries.
  • The Seraph Immaculate force that forced the evacuation of Crater Springs Base was led by Vance.


  • A fierce combatant, he deals in raw physical might, wearing dual strike gauntlets, and is no stranger to Applied Science, weaving powerful metaphysical affects with little effort.
  • Involved in Iron Ring operations in the New City as well as Seraph Immaculate ops in the Outlands and the Planes.
  • In his military past, served in a very small, elite unit – still spoken of today – called the Steel Dynamo Company.
  • Yes, that is a neckerchief that he is wearing. He’s unfailingly well-dressed.



  • Believed to work for – and has been seen with – Demetri Snowblind and the Iron Ring.
  • Assumed to be allied with Blue Knight and Content Not Found: coyote
  • At the attack on the Crater Springs Base, appeared to be allied with the Longshot group, AKA “Devils”.
  • The Seraph Immaculate
  • Justice
  • Serpent’s Teeth (!?)



Vance Vincent

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