Target: DiamondGate

Episode: Special Police Unit 36
Game Session 1

Episode: Special Police Unit 36

The streets of the Lower Ward's Central District

In-Game Date:

2nd Market Day, Retributus, 1471 CE


Greg (Frances Faraday III)
Geoff (Vala Van Derek)
Dave (Glanthur Breakblade)
Collin (Carredyn Whipsawn)

Previous Episode:

Character creation/pre-gaming

Following Episode:

Night of a Million, Million Ninjas


New City, SPU36 HQ, Central District, Halkos Tremiir’s barber shop, Central District Train Platform

Notable Elements:

Iron Ring, Redcloaks, Greybacks, Halkos Tremiir, Harcourt, The Hat, Laszlo


Special Police Unit 36 has been on the job for ~ a week now.
Team HQ is a ~10 minute walk from the headquarters of The Accordant & The Esteemed, The City Barracks. (marked on map)
Legal jurisdiction is above normal police within scope of combating Iron Ring activity in The City.

The Lieutenant and The Hat

Commanding Officer of the unit is Ingram Laszlo. He visits, and requests an update on the team members currently doing recon (Padraic Phelan, Duncan Kasper, and Maddox Dupree) before the end of the day, and lets them know The Hat will by with a lead re: Iron Ring activities for them.

This happens. The Hat points SPU36 toward Halkos Tremiir, an elven barber with a shop (marked on the map) in the Lower Ward’s Central District. The Central District is a lower-class, largely Elven neighborhood with some moderate gang problems. The Redcloaks are an elven supremacist gang, the Greybacks are a multiracial anti-elven gang. Halkos’ shop is on Iron Avenue, solidly within Redcloak territory.

The Central District

The squad take the train up to a station a number of blocks West of Central District, and after the appropriate amount of lunchtime information gathering, Carredyn & Glanthur keep an eye on streets, while Frances & Vala pay the barber shop a visit. Inside, they receive haircuts from Halkos & his assistant Christy, and Frances – through a ridiculous innuendo-filled discussion about cooking – is able to get some information out of Halkos. Halkos says he knows nothing, but that Frances should look for a man named Harcourt, who is occasionally – if rarely – seen in the Lower Ward, and is said to traffic with armorers.


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