Accordant, The
The Faction that serves as the Police force of the New City and many places across the planes. The Faction has only recently begun the growing pains of separating from the Esteemed. Faction Headquarters is in the City Barracks.

Crystal City, The
A neighborhood of roughly 12 blocks in the Lady’s Ward in the New City. It is a shining (literally) bastion of applied science, and was built by The Draftsmen at the behest of the Faction Council as a monument to the war’s end.

Esteemed, The
The Faction that serves as the military protectors of the New City and many places across the planes. The Faction has only recently begun the growing pains of separating from the Accordant. Faction Headquarters is in the City Barracks, though there are plans to relocate elsewhere in the New City.

Godsmen, The
A Faction of builders and engineers, they are led by the genius master of applied science, Gideon Anthony. They have left the New City and have allied with the Seraph Immaculate against the Accordant & Esteemed.

Iron Ring, The
The most wicked, notorious slave-trading organization in the planes. In the New City, they are headed by Dr. Dimitri Snowblind and his subordinate, a violent man named Vance Vincent.

Nephilim Connector
The energy transferal device designed by UPL that powers Red Mercury, allowing it to be effective against Stormcloud armor. Not nearly as stable as the UPL team would like.

New City, The
The city at the center of the Planes themselves, New City is the largest hub of commerce, and the largest concentration of living beings anywhere in existence. Out-of-game, it’s like Sigil. But not.

Red Mercury
An experimental material in use by SPU36. Functions to combat the Seraph Immaculate’s Stormcloud armor.

Savior Drive
A key component of the Wave Leader Cannon that was hijacked on it’s way through the train lines of the New City. At least four (if not significantly more) major forces were vying for control of the device at the time, and have all since claimed to have nothing to do with the train robbery incident. The Savior Drive is currently under very, very high security lockdown under protection of neutral Guvner forces, and the paperwork for the lawsuits that have been filed over it’s ownership fill several large records room at the City Courts.

Seraph Immaculate, The
Formerly the Sign of One, Then-Factol Dr. Summersun Hyde disbanded the Faction, re-forming them as the Seraph Immaculate, in the name of creating an organization that was capable of defending the New City & the Planes from “threats far greater than any Power or army of fiends”. The organization has left the New City & fights against the Accordant & Esteemed throughout the Planes.

Stormcloud Armor
A unique type of Applied Science defensive armament that has allowed the Seraph Immaculate to gain significant victories over the Accordant & Esteemed forces. Shimmering, black plates appear around users of Stormcloud armor, offering far greater protection than would be available from normal armor.

Type 0 Blade
Ingram Laszlo’s experimental size-changing sword. Designed by the UPL team.

The Unified Portal Logistics team is heavily sponsored by Geartooth Industries, a major force of manufacturing of weapons and industrial equipment in the Planes. They are attached to SPU36, an multi-disciplinary R&D unit. Headed by the genius Professor Filio Flechette, Dr. Glanthur Breakblade is a part of this team as well.

Wave Leader Cannon
Also know as the WLC, the Wave Leader Cannon is a weapon so unimaginably large and powerful that different parts of the device must exist on different planes to function; the weapon can only be fired when all of it’s components are linked together. A highly contested piece of applied science, it is said to have only been fired once. Chief among the weapon’s engineers is the Dwarven inventor Dr. Glanthur Breakblade.


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