The Accordant

Police Commissioner Deklan Archer (Factol)
Half-elf with salt and pepper hair who speaks softly but commands an outrageous amount of respect. Comes off as overly wise.

Deputy Chief of Police Menntum Smithdel (Associate Factol)
Tiefling, mid 50s, scarred, eyepatch. Accordant Internal Affairs Director. Not the most popular guy around, but is really, really good at this job – rooting out corruption. Said to have survived enough assasination attempts to kill an entire unit, he’s said to sleep with a sword at his side, a dagger under his pillow, and, new recruits joke, a steam-powered repeating crossbow built into the floorboards underneath his bed. Walks with a limp – supposedly collateral damage from one of them any attempt. Known to take a hands-on approach to his duties, sometimes even arresting dirty cops in person.

“Gentleman“ Colburn
Lars “Gentleman“ Colburn – Assistant Commander 1st Class
Human, Swordsman, War Hero. Known as a Leader of Men, Asst. Commander Colburn works with the special projects division of the Esteemed, and is just as likely to be found leading a sortie on the outer planes, coordinating an espionage action with the intelligence division, or striking a deal with an arms supplier. His love and true talent, however, lay in the perfection of his skill with the blade. He’s known to have students in the arts of combat, but also said to select them very, very carefully.

Ryuga Wildman – Assistant Commander 3rd Class
An unimaginably charming Half-orc man with almond skin, impeccable manners and perfectly circular glasses beneath slightly shaggy chocolate-colored hair cut to the latest lady’s ward style seems pretty unlikely. Someone forgot to tell Assistant Commander Wildman that, however. Well connected, works in staffing and Deployment.

Ingram Laszlo – C.O., SPU36 (Lt. 1st Class)

The Hat – Espionage Agent (Senior Inspector 2nd Class)
A tall, gaunt man known to dress in black, who lurks in the shadows. Is probably a little too Batman for his own good, his mannerisms can sometimes be comically dramatic. Still, command treats him with complete respect, and his intel seems to always be spot on. And, to be fair, the shadows do kind of stick to him. A little.

Pantagh Zealotbane – Sergeant 3rd class
Ogre Mage known widely for his intelligence, strength, and ruthlessness. Highly decorated, leads SPU14, AKA the Scourgehold Irregulars – a SWAT team with a number of monstrous humanoid members that is rarely at full strength due to how often they are disciplined due to excessive force and occasionally nearly killing suspects.

Hans Whipsawn
An elder statesman of the Accordant. Formally retired, he is dearly loved by countless faction members. Uncle of Carredyn Whipsawn.

The Esteemed

Commander-General Bolt Rustrock (Factol)
Eladrin. Hardened, boisterous man with an eyepatch and a scarred face. Muscles on muscles, he is a mountain of a humanoid.

Osbourne Nash – Commander 1st Class (Factor)
Human Paladin, Hero of Blood Gulch, known to have been best of best friends with Stanislaus Van Derek III, aka the Honey Banger of Blood Gulch. Upon Stanislaus’s death, Osbourne was promoted and several times after his old friend’s death. Close with the Van Derek family, looks out for Vala Van Derek.

Torus Anthony
Torus Anthony- Unit Leader (Master Sergeant 2nd Class)
Human. Media darling, hero, pretty boy. Torus leads the Draftsmen, The elite of the elite Esteemed Engineering Corps. With a special headquarters in the Crystal City – the monument to the war’s end that they themselves built – The Draftsmen are the Seal Team 6 of Sigil – everyone loves Torus & his men. Friend of Carredyn. Saved SPU36 at the top of The Pit.

Captain Montgomery “The Gambler” Lynch – Captain 1st class
Human. Airship Captain. At 59 years-old, Captain Montgomery Lynch is a wise, hardened veteran with the Esteemed. Having participated in various wars and campaigns even before the Great War, his years of experience in battle makes him highly respected among both politicians and soldiers. His only remaining relative is granddaughter, and he has a taste for sake, and invites pilots and officers alike to sit and enjoy it with him when off-duty. Nearly always seen holding a smoking pipe.

XO Albion Bishop – Lieutenant 2nd class
Late 20s Human, mature, but has a serious babyface.Very much looks up to Captain Lynch as a mentor. Athletic, typically by the book, with bed-head hair. Nervous around cats.

Ira Tanicus – retired general
Older dwarf with a well-groomed silver beard and a way with the ladies. Former associate factol of the Esteemed/Accordant, now politically active with Guvners.

(Sir) William Kendall
Retired Esteemed soldier said to have some significant wealth in his immediate family. Crude and crass, but always knows somebody who knows somebody, in the Tower district, or in the Hive.

The University

Senior Fellow Dr. Marcus Welleby
Balding middle-aged human mad with an amazing talent for artifice, alchemy, and steam-powered devices. Head of Applied Science Device Research & Development.

Professor Filio Flechette
Brilliant researcher at the university, known for his ground-breaking studies in translocation and automatic intelligence.

High Society

(Lady) Daria Hargraves
Officially a “Lady”. Widowed cougar. Old money, very high class socialite.

Domino Sable
Elven merchant & Arborean ambassador. Quite the socialite.

Viturin Reidar
Elven merchant, importer of foodstuffs. Immensely wealthy, but a grouch.

Galatea Van Derek
16 years old, blond, rescued from The Pit by SPU36. Vala’s sister.

Cavenaugh Longshanks III
Human, mid-30s. wealthy shipping magnate, wealthy merchant.

Political Figures

Father Grisham
High Priest & the public face of the Temple of Apollo. Active in the community. Humble and kind, but no body’s fool. Politically active past, very connected.

Stanislaus Edwin Van Derek II
Human, late 50s. Judge, politician, Statesman, diplomat. Guvner factor. Vala’s father.

Angelika Levy
Angelika Levy – New City Ambassador
Elf. Fated. Represents the Faction Council in governmental issues. Middle aged(?). Pretty. A horrible bitch.

Gideon Anthony
Gideon Anthony, Godsmen Factol
Human, brilliant engineer, former general, father of Torus Anthony. Wields significant political power in the planes.

Harmony St. Dumas – Fated Factol
Female Human, wizard. Friendly, social, background in banking, typically compared to a bloodthirsty shark. Appears to be in her 30s with seep blue eyes and wavy black hair worn in a style reminiscent of dragonscales. She is tall and has an athletic build, with china-white skin, and is always seen in in a flattering wardrobe of deep blue.

Li Shu Xun – Cypher Factol
Female Tiefling of indetermine age. Known for her love of weapons, but also for her preoccuptation with metaphysics. Published author of a number of self-help texts.

Dr. Summersun Hyde, Esq
Dr. Summersun Hyde, Esq. – Former Signer Factol, now leader of the Seraph Immaculate.
Dwarf, Scientist of no small reknown. Responsible for several leaps in Applied Science Mechanism development. Very driven, he is a leader of men. Disbanded the Sign of One, reforming them as the Seraph Immaculate at the end of Episode: Blue Devil

Alpha – Guvner factol
Modron who appears to be partially human, partially clockwork. Very politically active, appearance is that of a fit man in his 40s who is, um, made of metal. Surprisingly charismatic for a construct.

Lower Ward denizens

Halkos Tremiir – Elven Barber
Operates out of the elven ghetto in the Central District, on Iron Avenue. Has an “open” shop, which means it caters to elves and non-elves alike. Questioned by Frances (during a hiarcut) in GS1 about Iron Ring, after a tip from The Hat led to him. Gave the name of Harcourt Horkel as the only info that he had.

Christy – Apprentice Hair Stylist
Cut Vala’s hair and did some highlights in GS1. Oh so bubbly. Like, oh my god.

Redcloaks – Elven supremacist gang
Operates out of the Central District. Wear bright red bandannas, cloaks, etc. to show their allegiance, their turf is the Iron Avenue stretch. Attacked SPU36 at the end of GS1 with fire weapons, mystic curses, and the help of a Large (10”) Salamander. Believed to have been possessed by fire creatures of some sort at the time. Formerly led by Seth Two-Blade, who was killed by SPU36 while fighting on the train platform. Several members are currently held in the Accordant lockup.

Graybacks – Anti-elven multi-racial gang
Operates in the Central District, show their allegiance by wearing trademark grey vests. Their turf is Tanner’s Lane & Bellows Street.

  • Greybacks composed one of the forces which boarded the train and was involved in the massive melee at the Savior Drive Train Robbery.

The Iron Ring

Dr Dimitri Snowblind
Dr. Dimitri Snowblind – Magician, ruthless reputation, de facto head of Iron Ring operations in NC. AKA Eryan Dream.

  • Encountered at the top of The Pit where he & Vance saved the Blue Knight, then were threatened into leaving by Torus Anthony.
  • Encountered at Destiny’s Reach where he piloted the Godsmen’s Mammoth Jupiter Tactical Steam Golem and shot down a mysterious fire-covered airship as well as the Esteemed’s Variable Motor Fortress, the Factol’s Judgement. To add insult to injury, he also took the time to slaughter the base’s defenders.

    Vance Vincent
    Vance Vincent – “Wolverine”, Lieutenant to Dimitri Snowblind, magician.
  • Encountered at the top of The Pit where he & Snowblind saved the Blue Knight, then were threatened into leaving by Torus Anthony.
  • Led the takeover forces of the Seraph Immaculate at Crater Springs base.

The Blue Knight
The Blue Knight – Sword-wielding badass, wears blue armor.

  • Believed to have been involved in the kidnapping of eight wealthy girls from the Market Ward.
  • Encountered leading a group of Crimson Wrath ninjas, and later facing down (and seemingly butchering) countless undead st the top of The Pit, until he got totally owned by a gigantic cyborg and was saved by Snowblind and Vance.
  • Encountered at Crater Springs base where he out-fought Laszlo, forcing Laszlo and Faraday to remain behind while the rest of the base personnel escaped via airship.

Other Enemies

Dark Abashai – Mutant Black Abashai, Nigh-indestructible creature encountered in The Pit. Very strong, four armed, spiked-chain wielder. Damage reduction something fierce, nearly unkillable. Had a dull green gem in it’s chest that disintegrated after it was slain.

The Half-Golem
Half-Golem at the top of The Pit – Identified as a creature that was a essentially a self-aware clockwork flesh golem with living biological parts. Icky. Fought against the Blue Knight, had a bunch of zombies on his side, and seemed to be protecting some disgusting zombie flesh-hive thing. Started out creepy, then digivolved or whatever into a undefeatable combat robot and beat the hell out of the Blue Knight until he was electrocuted into Oblivion by Snowblind & Vance.

The Crimson Wrath – NC’s most notorious ninja clan. Known as the Poison Fist of the Guildhall Ward, they’ll kill you five times before you hit the ground. Last encountered being commanded by the Blue Knight.

Riot Girl Squad
Riot Girl Squad – Attacked SPU36 at the Crystal City Training grounds. Disabled the Nephilim Connector installed there, and escaped, but not before Frances blasterized the head of the sorceress. It’s possible these girls may have been artificial, or something. (!?)

Longshot Group
Longshot Group – Led the attack on the Crater Springs base and appeared to be allied with Vance Vincent.

Victorians – Encountered by Glanthur and Lord V at the end of the Savior Drive Train Robbery. Deflected some magic thrown at them, then had their thugs make off with a massive shipment of the drug Daylight.

Uncategorized Peoples

Robber-Baron Ninjas -
An unidentified group of black-clad combatants involved in the melee at the Savior Drive Train Robbery

“Bonewrack” – a name given by a Redcloak during an interrogation by Frances, Carredyn, and Glanthur.

Fu-Lan “The Steel Fist” – Known to some of the monks in the Transcendant Order, teaches fighting arts in the Hive, near the ditch on Radaghast street.

Harcourt – ???
Said to be a man who knows something about Iron Ring operations, supposedly traffics with Armorers in the Great Bazaar. Name given by Halkos Tremiir.

Lavi Feorus
Gnome inventor, also known as DJ Gem, is the for-runner of the new music craze in the youth of the city, known as rave music. The invention, called the rave machine, has lights and music synced by using many switches and buttons, two monitors, along with a series of sound producing magical horns. The effects in the hands of a skilled magic user and bard is a hypnotic blend of entertainment and cult.


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