1459 CE

  • Great War erupts across the planes

1465 CE

  • First case of Shrieking Twist documented in Carceri, storms across Planes, Outlands, New City

1466 CE

  • Shrieking Twist treatment discovered
  • New City declared Area of Sanctuary; rebuilding begins
  • Faction Council reformed under strict regulations against combat in the New City
  • Motor Fortress “Tyler’s Sorrow” leaves to explore extra-planar space, returns damaged
  • Construction of Crystal City begins


  • Battle of Blood Gulch: Stanislaus Van Derek, “The Honey Badger of Blood Gulch” and his men are gravely outnumbered, but through raw tenacity are able to hold off an advancing army of fiends for several days, allowing for the evacuation of all of the layer of Pelion. Not a single man survives.
  • Battle of Bleakspine Pass: Legendary Blade Master Solomon Dirgefalcon holds the Eagle Bridge alone against four battalions of Acheron WarOrcs, forcing his recently-appointed second to lead the remains of their forces – and the refugees under their protection – through hazard and danger to eventual safety. In honor of their fallen commander, the unit is said to have fought their way out of enemy territory with their battle standard raised through the entire episode.

1468 CE

  • Wave Leader Cannon fired (first/only time), Githzerai Floating City annihilated

1469 CE

  • Great War “officially” ends, fighting continues in Outer & Inner planes

1470 CE

  • Construction of Crystal City finished

1471 CE

  • Regula
  • Accordant
    • 4th Hive Day: SPU36 officially formed
  • Retributus
    • 2nd Market: Episode: SPU36
    • 2nd Clerk’s: Episode: Night of a Million, Million Ninjas
    • 2nd Clerk’s: Episode: Fortress in the Pit
      • SPU36 encounters The Blue Knight in the Pit (leading a team of Crimson Wrath ninja), and encounters him later again at the top of the Fortress, along with Vance Vincent, Demetri Snowblind, and also a crazy half-clockwork-constuct creature, a hideous hive beast, and far too many zombie snipers. Torus Anthony and the Draftsmen save the hides of SPU36 at the top of the fortress after Carredyn tries to arrest EVERYONE.
      • The Accordant make a massive Iron Ring bust in the hive leading to dozens of arrests, SPU36 is largely credited and are celebrated as heroes.
    • 3rd Guild: Episode: Blue Devil begins
    • 3rd Clerk’s: Episode: Blue Devil ends
      • Destiny’s Reach Incident:
        • Demetri Snowblind, piloting the Mammoth Jupiter, a Tactical Steam Golem, destroys The Esteemed’s new Variable Motor Fortress Factol’s Judgement as well as some sort of airship belonging to planar envoys.
      • Factol Dr. Summersun Hyde disbands the Sign of One and reforms them as the Seraph Immaculate, declaring them more fit than the Faction Council to defend the New City and the Planes.
      • Factol Gideon Anthony secedes the Godsmen from the Faction Council and allies the faction with the Seraph Immaculate
    • 4th Clerk’s: Laszlo transitions SPU36 from a special team to an R&D unit with an attached team from the University called UPL, headed up by Prof. Filio Flechette.
      • Lord Lord Vän Berial, a detective and attaché of the UPL team, is assigned to regular duty with SPU36.
      • SPU36 begins 10 days of intense training that reflects their upgraded security clearances.


  • Narciss
    • 1st Low day: Episode: Steel Ark begins
    • 2nd Lady’s day: Episode: Steel Ark ends
      • The Savior Drive Train Robbery occurs at Driftwood Station in the Lower Ward.
    • 2nd Market: Flames of Disaster begins
      • Lady Drayon’s Boarding House, a Clerk’s Ward brothel, burns to the ground. SPU36, nearby, rushes to save the people trapped inside. After encountering Iron Ring Mercenaries and Vance Vincent inside, they emerge from the wreckage carrying civilians to a big media presence and are again proclaimed heroes on the front page of the news.
        • It is widely suspected internally that notoriously violent Accordant Sergeant Pantagh Zealotbane, Ogre Mage head of SPU14, the Scourgehold Irregulars, is responsible for the fire. SPU14, perhaps coincidentally, makes a bust of some Iron Ring mercenaries in the warehouse next to Lady Drayon’s, which, um, also burns to the ground, as does some more of that block of the Clerk’s Ward.
    • 2nd Guild: SPU36 members interrogated regarding their individual roles in the Savior Drive Train Robbery
    • 2nd Clerk’s: Flames of Disaster ends
      • Dr. Horace Rushforth and Fated Factor Carver Redforce are found murdered, their bodies seemingly laid out very specifically on top of Chinzpeter’s Used Clothing in the Market Ward.
    • 2nd Hive: Glanthur joins the UPL R&D team attached to SPU36.
    • 2nd Low: Episode 11
    • 3rd Low: Episode 12
  • Tithing
    • 1st Guild: Episode 13
    • 1st Guild – 1st Clerk’s: Episode 14
    • 1st Clerk’s: Episode 15
    • 1st Clerk’s: Episode 16
    • 1st Clerk’s – 1st Hive: Episode 17
    • 1st Hive: Episode 18
    • 2nd Clerk’s Episode 19
  • Savorus

(The Mists)

  • Pivot
  • Leagueheim


  • Catechism
  • Sacrilegion
  • Nihilum


  • Mortis
  • Decadre
  • Capricious
  • (Unknown) Episode: Hold The Line
    • The Esteemed’s Crater Springs base falls to Seraph Immaculate troops led by Vance Vincent.
      • Holding off Seraph Immaculate forces to allow for the evacuation of base personnel to the Motor Fortress Howling Bravery, Lt.Ingram Laszlo & Lance-Sergeant Frances Faraday III go MIA.


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