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Episode: Fortress in The Pit

Game Session 3

Episode: Fortress in The Pit

The Fortress in the Pit

In-Game Date:

2nd Clerk’s Day, Retributus, 1471 CE


Greg (Frances Faraday III)
Geoff (Vala Van Derek)
Dave (Glanthur Breakblade)
Collin (Carredyn Whipsawn)

Previous Episode:

Night of a Million, Million Ninjas

Following Episode:

Blue Devil


The Pit, The Fortress in the Pit

Notable Elements:

Blue Knight, Eryan Dream, Vance Vincent, Torus Anthony, Flesh-Hive Beast, Clockwork Flesh Golem, Kidnapped Girls, Zombie Snipers

Treasure! Horrible, Wonderful Treasure

After defeating the Dark Abashai at the end of last game, SPU36 searches it’s lair, located beneath the floor of the chamber the the creature had stone-morphed out of. It smells terrible and the treasure is disgusting, but a surprising amount of treasure is found and distributed (See Loot List).

As NPC Maddox attempts to open the door to the next chamber, the vibrations that the PCs have been feeling throughout the chamber increase steadily beyond the point of any normal happening, and then the world essentially ends as the underground landscape of the New City reshapes itself around them, as the city is known to do from time to time. The group is tossed and turned in countless directions for many minutes, eventually falling much deeper, into an underground lake in complete darkness.

Friendly Puppies go Boom

SPU36,relying on Ioun torches, creeps across the shore of the lake after crawling out, and plants Glanthur’s Heuristic Seismograph in the ground, revealing the landscape to be the crumbling remains of an underground keep. The group slowly moves through the across the shore and through the ruins toward the keep. The barking and snarling comes from all around them as they are attacked by one pack, than another, of twisted yeth hounds. After several facepalms followed by eye-rolling and a promise that this entire scene will suck if the players don’t use the mass darkvison scroll the DM has provided them with, the aforementioned spell is cast, allowing the group to take in their surroundings. Climbing onto a decaying structure for a better view, Carredyn, Glanthur & Vala fight off more yeth hounds while Frances is nearly shot in the dome by a zombie sniper. The gunslinger dodges out of the way, almost falling off a ledge that crumbles beneath him.

A Fortress Full of Zombie Snipers

As more zombie snipers and yeh hounds emerge from the keep, the group hides and through some very careful teamwork, detonates a small keg of black powder thrown into the midst of the zombie guards, sending the yeh hounds – the ones that don’t get blown to pieces, at least – yelping running away.

On the upper level of the keep, the group sees a figure – one of the kidnapped girls – flee from a monstrous creature that appears to be half construct. She is quickly caught by the creature, which makes its way up to even higher levels of the keep with her. Frances draws fire from a unit of entrenched zombie snipers, as the group fights their way up through the keep. The construct creature is spotted scaling the keep’s highest tower, upon which their is some sort of fierce conflict causing a shower of destroyed zombie bodies to rain down all over the group. Kicking in a door and fighting their way up the tower leads to a bizarre scene.

The Enemy of my Enemy’s Enemy

The cavern itself is starting to wobble & shake as atop the keep’s tower, at the top of The Pit, the members of SPU36 are witness to the construct, now even more armored, guarding some kind of worm-hive-beast that appears to have absorbed at least one of the kidnapped girls, if not all of them. The hive is belching out undead at an unimaginable rate, and in the small plaza in front of the hive, the Blue Knight is butchering the walking corpses with ruthless speed in a furious blur of sword fighting, occasionally taking a swipe at the construct.

SPU36 jumps into combat against the undead and turns the tide against the construct and the corpse creatures until the massive metal construct grabs the blue knight’s head and begins tossing the enigmatic fighter around like a rag doll. The zombies begin piling up quickly, until two figures float over the edge of the keep, watching the scene for a moment, and then both electrocuting both the hive creature and the construct with lighting spells. The mechanical being drops the Blue Knight, falling over dead, and SPU36 recognizes the men as Eryan Dream and Vance Vincent, both big players in the Iron Ring in the New City.

Pretty Boys Always Save the Day

Carredyn immediately declares both men under arrest, and as the group prepares to face down two very powerful wizards as the underground rumbling grows in intensity. A portion of the ceiling falls in, and an Esteemed wunit – the Draftsmen – led by Torus Anthony drops down on ropes. Torus informs the Iron Ring commander that all of their teams running stabilizing operations around the cavern have been arrested, so this structure and everything around it will be buried in a matter of moments. Eryan and Vance teleport away, giving the gathered law enforcement officials a death stare, as the group ascends the ropes up the tunnel to the surface, where Accordant forces are rounding up Iron Ring soldiers, and the media, speaking with Laszlo is clamoring for statements. Their first point of contact, as always, is Torus, but he makes sure that the credit goes to the SPU36 unit.

This marks the end of the “Gathering Storm” Story Arc.

Next Time:

  • A Party
  • A New Assignment
  • A zeppelin


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