Demetri Snowblind

A powerful magician and commander of the Iron Ring in New City.


A powerful man both in spellcasting ability and in underworld influence, Dr. Demtri Snowblind’s intentions are unknown. The positive for SPU36 is that they don’t have to understand his intentions, they only have to bring him to justice.


Demetri Snowblind

Dr Demetri Snowblind


Human (?)

Primary Affiliation:

Head of Operations, Iron Ring


Dr. Dream


Noteworthy Magician, Crime Boss

Secondary Affiliation:

Godsmen, Seraph Immaculate?


Just look at that Goatee… NPC

“This farce is at an end”
Snowblind, just before using the Mammoth Jupiter’s Black Hole Drill Crusher to bring down a massive air fortress at Divinity’s Reach


There is little in the files about Dr. Snowblind, save that his name has been known in underworld circles for a long time, and he is said to weild a great deal of influence.

Personality and Traits

A human man who seems to be in his 50s, Snowblind is calm, collected, and slow to anger. Has a reputation for ruthlessness, which was certainly reflected in his slaughter of the Divinity’s Reach soldiers.

Notable Moments

  • SPU36 first encountered Snowblind and the top of the Pit, where he and Vance saved the Blue Knight by electrocuting a semi-autonomous clockwork flesh golem that was brutalizing the ninja-like swordsman.
  • Piloted the Mammoth Jupiter Tactical Steam Golem during the Divinity’s Reach Incident where he shot down two Air Fotresses, one of which, the Factol’s Judgement, was the new flagship of the Esteemed’s fleet.
  • Encountered in the 12 Factols pub in Sigil, expecting to meet with recently-deceased Fated Factor Carver Redforce.


  • Also known to go by the name “Dr. Dream”
  • Involved in some manner of business dealings with Carver Redforce.
  • Clearly seems to know his way around piloting a Tactical Steam Golem.




  • Pretty much every member of the Accordant and the Esteemed.
  • SPU36


Demetri Snowblind

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