Glanthur Breakblade

A Dwarven inventor, wizard, professor, and master of applied science,


Wizard and inventor and professor and The University. He has been teaching at the university for a long time. During the Great War Glanthur helped with the war effort by helping to create weapons and siege engines for Dwarven Mt. After the war he resumed his teaching at the college, advanced engineering and magical creations. Glanthur has a list of inventions as long as his arm. Some of the notable ones include: the mobile missive message receiver, steamjack (aka CRUNK, coal registered universal nutrition kitchen), the dibiganator, the hover dolly, the hover cart, hover hammock, craftsmens tools series G, stimpaks, glasses of arcane sight, the chain mail bikini, and his greatest achievement, assisting with the construction of the Wave Leader Cannon.


Glanthur Breakblade

Glanthur Breakblade



Primary Affiliation:

The University (SPU36)


Corporal, second class (SPU36 University Liason)


University Professor

Secondary Affiliation:




“Can’t you see I’m busy!? I have to finish analysing the technical specs for this astral battleship… Cornelius! Are you writing this down!?”
Glanthur on a typical work day


Glanthur was born to a moderately wealthy Dwarven family. His parents saw in him an aptitude for the wizardly arts. His father was not pleased this at first, but Glanthur started his training at his mother’s insistence. Recently he has settled down in The New City( 20 years ago). He joined The University as a student and continued his education through a masters,Ph.d., and post-doctorate work; he has since become a professor at The University.

Personality and Traits

Glanthur is a bookish wizard, inventor, and professor. He is an exacting teacher and expects a lot of his students. He is amicable to friends but a bit stand off-ish to strangers.

Notable Moments

  • None presently known


  • Glanthur’s first automaton is his familiar Cornelius.



  • SPU36, for whom he serves as the University Liason.
  • His partner-in-crime, Content Not Found: filio-flechete, with whom he runs UPL
  • The university personnel – staff and students alike – who make up UPL
  • His former associate Content Not Found: horace-rushforth was found murdered at the end of [[Episode: Flames of Disaster | Episode: Flames of Disaster]]


  • Glanthur has an inexplicable hatred for Lt. Ingram Laszlo, and no one is really sure why. …including Glanthur.


  • Glanthur is – much to his dismay – dependant on the success of SPU36 for continued funding that UPL relies on.
  • Glanthur has recently learned much more about the secrets of golem construction.

Glanthur Breakblade

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