Ingram Laszlo

The sometimes-divisive Accordant C.O. of SPU36.


A tall, stately – maybe even chiseled – man, Lt. Laszlo is a known social/political ladder climber within the Accordant. The Laszlo family name has a good reputation, and great things are known to be expected of him. Initially seemed to have little interest in the operations of SPU36 beyond that required of him, though with the recognition the group has received, he has taken a more active role.


Ingram Laszlo

Lt Ingram Laszlo



Primary Affiliation:

Accordant (SPU36)


Lieutenant 1st Class


Police Officer/Unit Leader

Secondary Affiliation:




“We’ll bring the Iron Ring’s blitz of the New City to a dead stop, don’t doubt that. You also shouldn’t doubt that just as our successes will be the talk of the town, our failures will haunt us inexorably. That being said, make this look good, cutters.”


Laszlo’s an Accordant lifer, having been enlisted in intelligence and R&D during the Great War. He served in a very small, elite unit – still spoken of today – called the Steel Dynamo Company.

Personality and Traits

Achievement-driven, astonishingly intelligent, and overly serious, though known to make an occasional wry comment. The Lieutenant can be something of a force of nature when his mind is set. Those serving under him quickly learn that if you’re not contributing to his goals, you’re not worth his notice. He’s a fair C.O. with just a tinge or arrogance that creeps through very, very infrequently. But you’d be a little arrogant also, if you were this damn good at everything you did.

Notable Moments

  • Attempted to stop the rampage of the Mammoth Jupiter near the end of Episode: Blue Devil by overloading an experimental Double Phantom Vulcan Cannon. It was an epic, if unsuccessful, effort.
  • Along with Torus Anthony, prevented an surprise attack on SPU36 during Episode: Stung, wherein he and a squad of Accordant fought a running battle with a large group of Crimson Wrath ninja in the tunnels underneath the 12 Factols. This fight ended with Laszlo’s cannon immobilizing the remaining ninja (and yes, he had it set to stun).


  • An accomplished combatant, Laslzo has trained in Cypher fighting techniques
  • Laszlo’s poker face is well-known, though less so in combat; more well-known than his poker face is his tenacity in a melee.
  • The less reason Laszlo has to incur the ire of “The Chief”, the happier he is.
  • A former member of the Steel Dynamo Battalion



  • The C.O. of SPU36
  • Laszlo has friends in high places in the Accordant and in high society.
  • The Hat works closely with Laszlo on a regular basis
  • Old acquaintance of the Anthony family, so no suprise that he’s close with Torus Anthony
  • Trains in swordsmanship with Carredyn Whipsawn under Content Not Found: gentleman-colburn


  • The Iron Ring
  • Glanthur Breakblade is known to have an unreasonable hatred of the Lieutenant. Though Laszlo does not return this antipathy, he has made off-handed comments indicating that he’d prefer that Glanthur get over whatever his issues with Laszlo are.
  • Desperately seeks to avoid the ire of Accordant Content Not Found: chief-shimada


  • Content Not Found: angelika-levy – Laszlo is seemingly familiar enough with Ambassador Levy’s eccentricities to navigate her demands and rancor with relative ease.
  • Vance Vincent, Iron Ring heavy, has some past with Laszlo, and begrudgingly healed him at the end of the Siege of Red Rocks.

Ingram Laszlo

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