Vance Vincent

An Iron Ring Lieutenant also known to be serving in the Seraph Immaculate.


Given the nickname “Wolverine” by SPU36, Vance is the ranking Iron Ring Lieutenant in the New City. He’s butted heads with the unit repeatedly, but has yet to be captured or defeated.


Vance Vincent

Vance Vincent



Primary Affiliation:

Lieutenant(?), Iron Ring


Wolverine, Neckerchief


Slave Ring Commander

Secondary Affiliation:

The Seraph Immaculate


You know it, baby. (NPC)

“You have until the count of three to move from my path. Three.”


According to his files, Vance fought in the Great War. SPU36 has encountered Vance more than once or twice. – at the top of the Pit, in a burning building in the Market Ward, and in the Outlands leading a massive force of Seraph Immaculate.

Personality and Traits

Vance is assumed to be responsible for much of the Iron Ring activity in the New City. He’s direct, snarly, and according to the Accordant files, he always orders steaks medium-well.

Notable Moments

  • SPU36 first encountered Vance and the top of the Pit, where he and Snowblind saved the Blue Knight by electrocuting a semi-autonomous clockwork flesh golem that was brutalizing the ninja-like swordsman.
  • Encountered again during the evacuation of Lady Drayon’s Boarding House, he dispatched a fire elemental with nothing but his fists, and escaped with a gang of his mercenaries.
  • The Seraph Immaculate force that forced the evacuation of Crater Springs Base was led by Vance.


  • The Accordant files on Vance tag him as a spellcaster of no small measure.
  • Never seen without his trademark oversized metal gauntlets.
  • Yes, that is a neckerchief that he is wearing.



  • Believed to work for – and has been seen with – Demetri Snowblind and the Iron Ring.
  • Assumed to be allied with Blue Knight and Content Not Found: coyote
  • At the attack on the Crater Springs Base, appeared to be allied with the Longshot group, AKA “Devils”.



Vance Vincent

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