Special Police Unit 36

Created at the behest of the Faction Council, the group is comprised of police, military, university, and political representatives. The team’s mandate is to stem the massive amount of power that the Iron Ring slave trading organization has come to possess witihin this gargantuan metropolis.

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant 1st class Ingram Laszlo – Eladrin politicking career cop. Really good at basically everything, uses very large weapons. (NPC)

Blue Team

Call Sign: Gladiator Turbine

Police (Accordant)

Sergeant 3rd class Carredyn Whipsawn – Human Soldier, Leader, Beater, War Veteran (Collin)
Detective 1st class Lord Vän Berial – Elven Noble, Jack of all trades, R&D Liason (Tom)


Corporal 2nd class Glanthur Breakblade – Dwarven Wizard, Scientist, Professor, Inventor (Dave)
Corporal 2nd Class Vala Van Derek – Human Cleric, Socialite, Student, Hottie (Geoff)


Staff Sergeant 2nd Class Frances Faraday III – Human Gunslinger, Alchemist, Noble (Greg)

Gold Team

Call Sign: Shining Reserve

Police (Accordant)

Staff Sergeant 1st class Duncan Kasper – Human Cop, Fighter, Prodigy (Aaron)
Detective JG 1st class Maddox Dupree – Half-elf Cop, Rogue, Rule-bender, Smartypants (Nick)
Detective JG 2nd class Padraic Phelan – Human Detective, Strategist, Tactician (Sandi)


Military (Esteemed)

Master Corporal 2nd Class Milo Thorngauge – Halfling infiltrator, intelligence expert (Brent)


Target: DiamondGate ZacZero ZacZero